Analysis of World Music Interest Group

Mission Statement

The primary objective of the SMT Analysis of World Music Interest Group is to provide a unique interdisciplinary platform from which to explore the panoply of global musical traditions, both past and present, that lie outside the purview of Western art music from the broadest possible array of theoretical, cultural, historical and analytical perspectives. This group is allied with the SEM Special Interest Group on Analysis of World Music and the organization Analytical Approaches to World Music (AAWM).


The group sponsors and plans invited presentations, discussion forums, performances, special topic sessions, as well as workshops to be held at the Annual Meeting of SMT. It also hosts the biennial AAWM Conference. In addition, the group maintains its own website and publishes the AAWM Journal, a free, online journal devoted to analytic studies of world music.

This year's interest group meeting will take place on Saturday, November 4 at 12:15-1:45 pm in Studio B. The meeting will feature two short talks, one by Michael Tenzer, titled "Three Polyphonic Homonyms" and one by Gilad Rabinovitch, titled "Galant Schemata Meet World", as well as a brief report on the Improvising Brain III conference, which took place last spring. The presentations will be followed by group discussion.

The next Analytical Approaches to World Music Conference will take place on June 26-29, 2018 in Thessaloniki, Greece. Please visit the conference web site for details.

Mailing List

Please join our interest group mailing list to participate in the conversation and stay informed about future activities.


To find out more about the SMT Analysis of World Music Interest Group or AAWM, including information on how to join the group and participate in and attend its activities, please contact Chris Stover ( or Anna Wang (, Co-Chairs.

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