Dance and Movement Interest Group

Mission Statement

The SMT Dance and Movement Interest Group supports scholarship in the intersection of music and dance or movement by providing opportunities for the exchange of ideas and the presentation of research. The group aims to raise the profile of dance- and movement-related studies within the discipline of music theory and to promote music-analytic approaches in the interdisciplinary arena.


The Dance and Movement Interest Group (DMIG) meets at annual meetings and pursues joint activities with its counterparts in other societies. We have a close relationship with the Music and Dance Study Group (MDSG) of the American Musicological Society. In our first two meetings, the DMIG hosted paper sessions and collaborated with the MDSG on a syllabus development workshop and a salsa lesson and dance session. All are welcome and encouraged to attend any of our events.


For further news on the group’s activities, calls for papers, other announcements, or to get involved, join our Humanities Commons page.

Contact information

For further information and other inquiries regarding the group's activities, please contact Rachel Short ( or Matthew Bell (