Music and Philosophy Group

Mission Statement

Here are the goals of the Music and Philosophy Interest Group:

  • to further strengthen the interdisciplinary community committed to philosophical problems in the study of music
  • to embrace Classical, Analytic, and Continental traditions of philosophy
  • to expand upon the disciplines already committed to the study of music and philosophy (e.g., aesthetics, history of music theory, Adorno and critical theory, phenomenology, psychoanalysis, philosophy of mind, etc.)
  • to reflect productively upon the core practices of musical analysis


The Music Philosophy Group plans various special sessions, symposia, discussion group sessions held at the Annual Meetings of the SMT, both as part of the formal SMT program as well as part of the meeting of the Music Philosophy Group itself that takes place as part of the Annual Meeting. The group also maintains an e-discussion list (with our sister group in the AMS) to discuss topics of interest and coordinate presentations and research activities.

E-discussion list

Contact information

For more information on the SMT Music Philosophy Group, or to find out more about how to join and participate in this group, or suggestions for this web page, please contact Bryan Parkhurst ( and Naomi Waltham-Smith (, co-chairs, or Stephen Decatur Smith ( for the AMS group.

Past activities

Information on activities in previous years.