Scholars for Social Responsibility

Mission Statement

We are a group of academics who are interested in bringing the issues of the world into our classrooms, conferences, and journals; in finding common ground in our lives as academics, musicians, and human beings; and in using our positions of power to speak up for those who have less. Our members are interested in a range of issues around diversity, social justice, environment, gender, race, and more. What unites us is a passion for bringing these issues into our teaching, research, and professional activities.


We facilitate formal discussions and roundtables on a variety of topics during our business meeting slot at the SMT annual conference. At the annual meeting we also work with local arrangements chairs to suggest ethical accommodation and food options, along with volunteer opportunities and other means of connecting with the community beyond the conference walls. During the year we foster connections among interest groups, committees and individuals both within and beyond SMT to bring together scholars from diverse backgrounds with a shared passion for activism. We also maintain an email list-serv for announcements and planning.

E-mail list

We maintain an email list-serv through SMT. To subscribe, click here.


For more information on the Scholars for Social Responsibility, or to join, contact our Chair, Abigail Shupe.