Student Presentation Award

The SMT Student Presentation Award ($250) is given annually to a graduate or undergraduate music student for a scholarly presentation (paper or poster) at the Annual Meeting of the Society for Music Theory.


Any student with a paper or poster accepted for presentation at that year’s Annual Meeting is eligible for the award; no additional nomination is required. Joint student presentations are eligible for the award, but joint presentations in which one of the presenters is not a currently enrolled music student are not eligible. “Student” status is determined as of the time of presentation, not the time of original submission: to maintain eligibility, the presenter must be enrolled as a student in a music program at the time of the Annual Meeting.

Application Procedure

When the annual program is finalized, eligible students will receive a message inviting them to submit materials for consideration for the award and describing the application procedure. The student may choose to opt out of consideration either by contacting the chair or simply by not completing the application process by the deadline.

By or before October 1, 2019, 11:59 p.m. EST

An eligible student who wishes to be considered for the award must submit the following materials to the Executive Director Jennifer Diaz at :

  1. Required: Abstract of the presentation, as submitted for the Annual Meeting program.
  2. Required: Either
    1. a “final” presentation version of the 20-minute paper, double-spaced (in 11- or 12-point font, with endnotes or footnotes, in MS Word or PDF format), or
    2. the complete poster, with presentation notes (in 11- or 12-point font, in MS Word or PDF format).
  3. Required: The email address of a music faculty member at their institution who can confirm student status through the presentation date in November.
  4. If applicable: Graphic materials (handout if any; digital visual materials if any) in PDF or PowerPoint format.
  5. If applicable: Audio or video files in MP3 format or other appropriate compressed format, clearly named to indicate correspondence with and placement in the paper. Please note: Do not embed large audio or video files directly in any submitted PowerPoint documents, for technical reasons. If you have audio or video files, submit them as separate files, clearly named.
  6. If applicable: The location for each audio/video example in the body of the paper.

The Executive Director, on behalf of the chair, will send the student confirmation that they received the student’s materials in good order. The chair will then send an email to the faculty member to confirm that the student is eligible for the award through the presentation date in November.

The October 1 deadline for submitting materials is final; no extensions will be possible. If technical questions arise, please communicate with the Executive Director, Jennifer Diaz, at, well in advance of the deadline. Technical difficulties cannot be addressed if they are not brought to the attention of the SMT office in a timely way (at least 72 hours prior to the deadline).

The five-member SMT Student Presentation Award Committee assesses submissions as presentations to be given at the Annual Meeting rather than as articles to be published.

The winner will be announced after the Annual Meeting, on or before December 1. The award recipient will be formally acknowledged in the February SMT Newsletter and at the Awards ceremony the following fall.