MTO Webinars

Music Theory Online (MTO) hosts webinars (live online meetings) on a regular basis. Each webinar focuses on articles from a recent publication of the journal. The webinars provide an opportunity for live dialogue on newly published work outside of the typical conference format. We especially would like to encourage participation from colleagues outside of North America, music theorists with disabilities, and students or scholars for whom attendance at SMT meetings may be difficult or financially prohibitive.

Further Details

  • Advance registration is encouraged but not required. If you register, we will know that you are planning to join, and you will receive reminder emails about the meeting.
  • Readers may view the meetings and post questions via the chat function. Readers may also stream audio and video; there will be an opening for streaming from two or three readers at a time. Attendees who wish to stream will need a mic for audio and a camera for video. A set of headphones is necessary to eliminate a distracting echo effect.
  • The meetings cannot be viewed on an iPad or iPhone without specialized solutions since Flash Player is required.
  • Questions about participation and access may be submitted to
  • Each webinar will be announced a few weeks before they take place; there is currently no upcoming webinar scheduled.

Previous MTO Webinars

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