Policy for SMT Presentations

Policy for SMT presentations at annual SMT or SMT/AMS conferences (revised)

Adopted by the SMT Executive Board 8/2/18; revised 7/19/19

  1. Please refer to the SMT Policy for Membership at Annual Meetings for information on membership and registration requirements.
  2. Presenters must wear their registration badges during their presentations.
  3. Any member who is unable to attend the conference to present, but who has paid both
    annual dues and registration, may request that their presentation be given in their absence. The request must explain (in rough outline) the reason for the absence, and must be approved in writing by the current SMT Program Chair and the SMT Executive Director. Approval is on a case by case basis. Upon receiving permission, the chair of the member’s session or the chair’s designee shall read the absent member’s paper and/or run the absent member’s audio/video/PowerPoint presentation (which must adhere to the time limits and topic of the original accepted proposal for that presentation). The absent member must provide the appropriate presentation materials to the session chair or their designee as soon as possible (and no later than 24 hours before the scheduled presentation).
  4. If a participant in an organized session is unable to attend and does not request authorization for the chair to present a version of their paper, the session organizer may request a replacement whose paper or presentation is closely related to the session theme. This request must be approved in writing by the Program Chair (or both chairs, for joint conferences) and the Executive Director. Permission will typically be granted only in cases where the integrity of the entire session is at stake.